Roll Up Massage Cushion Corron

Sit back, relax, and enjoy anywhere you like.

Everyday is busy. Enjoy your limited spare time after coming home, before you go to bed, or anytime of the day. Spend it comfortably with Synca. The soft roll-up massager fits the nooks and crannies of your body well regardless where it placed due to its unique roll-up pad. It’s easy to use on a chair, couch, bed or other surface. It flexibly and gently wraps you up and deeply kneads the targeted body part as you like. Always be your side with as a cushion when it is rolled up.

  • Neck


  • Shoulder


  • Waist


  • Palm


  • Calf


  • Foot


Always be your side with
as a cushion when it is rolled up.

The unique triangular shape more accurately controls where you get massaged.

The unique triangular design is the ideal shape to stabilize the massager to better fit your body parts and provide the best massage possible. 3D kneading ball with infrared heaters feel like real human fingers. According to your stiffness, you can enjoy kneading and counter clockwise kneading massage.

Use it anyway you please.

The unique design allows this massager to be easily used in several different position delivering the best massage from every angle.

Feel good everywhere

The only massager that doesn’t look like a massager

Natural Japanese design that seamlessly fits into your room. Roll-up, compact, and it even looks like a cushion when you’re not using it. The soft natural cotton like mat is versatile and can be removed when you only want to use the massager. Uncompromising design for every day usage. The best design, the best materials.

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Product Specifications

Product Name
Corron - Roll Up Massage Cushion
AC adaptor
100 -240V~, 50/60HZ
Power Consumption
18W (heater 6W)
Fabric, ABS
Timer Given
20 minutes
W15.7(open57.5) x D6.7 x H7.5 in
Product Weight
Approx. 3.5 lbs